Season three of ‘Justified’ starts with a bang

Ever since Mags Bennett drank poisoned apple pie moonshine during the second season finale of “Justified,” we fans have been twitching worse than our Stetson-wearing hero’s trigger finger. We’ve wondered if the show could sustain the creative high it achieved last season, if the new villains could fill Mags’ sensible shoes, and if Raylan and Boyd would continue their bromance.

We can relax. If the third season premiere was any indication, the greatest TV show ever set in eastern Kentucky has not diminished in quality, the new villains hold promise, and Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) and Boyd (Walton Goggins) are still engaging in foreplay, I mean fistfights. Continue reading


The wait for ‘Downton Abbey’ almost over

Back in my wrestling-watching days, certain folks would overhear me discussing a favorite grappler or the latest sports entertainment storyline, and ask, “You watch wrestling?” without trying to mask their disapproval.

I always answered with the same questions, “What? You think I watch ‘Masterpiece Theatre?’”

About that…

Due to the charmingly-addictive “Downton Abbey,” I now watch “Masterpiece Classic.” Continue reading

Omar coming to a TV near you

The Audience Network will re-air “The Wire,” the greatest TV show ever, beginning Sunday, Oct. 30. So, if you subscribe to DirecTV, there’s no excuse – you must watch the acclaimed series, which focuses on the Baltimore drug trade and the city’s ineffective bureaucracies.

Of course, even if you don’t have DirecTV, you can always catch the show on Netflix, buy all five seasons or “borrow” them from a friend. Before you know it, you’ll think of 40-degree days and WMDs differently, visit exotic locales like Hamsterdam and wish the husky-voiced Slim Charles were reading bedtime stories to you. You’ll also meet a host of intriguing characters, Slim Charles included. Allow me to introduce a few more. Continue reading

All I really need to know I learned on soap operas

With “All My Children” scheduled to go off the air this week — and with “One Life to Live” following suit in a few months — it’s time to acknowledge the educational value of soap operas.

For instance, I learned the alphabet from watching soaps. A is for amnesia (and adultery), B is for blackmail (and bigamy), C is for corruption (and conniving), etc. Those were mighty big words for a little girl, so that’s why I credit the stories with helping develop my vocabulary and spelling skills as well. Continue reading