If you watched the Olympics, then you probably saw the commercial featuring Walter the cat.

The commercial advertises a truck of some sort, but that is not the point. The point is that Walter is wonderful. He fishes. He herds cattle. He fetches a ball. He chases a stick. He trees other cats. He gathers firewood. He relaxes in the bed of the truck with his human.

As someone who is sensitive to the anti-feline propaganda that we cat people are subjected to on a near-daily basis, I am thrilled that cats are finally receiving some good press. Usually, if cats are in the news, it’s because a study has determined they’re plotting to kill humans or are actively killing birds.


Walter performs the aforementioned tasks as Harry McClintock’s “Big Rock Candy Mountain” plays. Yes, I had to look that up. The actor who plays Walter’s human seemed familiar to me, so I looked him up, too. He also played the Dilly Dilly King in the beer commercials that aired a couple years ago.

I did not enjoy those commercials.

Indeed, as I am a sensible person, I do not enjoy most commercials. So, it’s a good thing my streaming service comes with record and fast-forward options. I watched the Olympics semi-live, though. Hence, that’s how I came to meet Walter.

But watching the Olympics semi-live meant I was also subjected to some duds, most of which were meant to tug at my heart. Instead, they made me reach for the remote.

Other than Walter, the only commercials I enjoy feature the patient man who’s trying to prevent homeowners from becoming their parents and the ones that showcase Flo the wacky yet proficient apron-wearing insurance salesperson and her crew.

In fact, I think the patient man who’s trying to prevent homeowners from becoming their parents hawks the same insurance as Flo and her crew. Let me give you a pro tip: If you can’t remember what product a commercial is trying to convince you to buy, assume it’s insurance.

The emu and the half-man/half-motorcycle peddle insurance – possibly the same brand, I can’t remember – in two separate, but equally ridiculous advertising campaigns. Trust me, if you haven’t been subjected to these duds, they’re as bad as they sound.

Commercials are so stupid that a jewel like Walter should be celebrated. No, it doesn’t make me want to purchase a truck. But it does make me want to teach the cat army to herd cattle.

This post originally appeared in the Appalachian News-Express.