From time to time, people in my orbit encourage me to share my housekeeping and life tips with you, my dear readers. (By the way, I believe some of these tips could be considered hacks. However, I use the term hack only when referring to the unauthorized access of technology or when trying to rid my throat of phlegm

Anyway, I’ve shared tips in this-here column in the past. For example, I consider best buy dates to be recommendations. While that’s actually more of a philosophy, it becomes a tip when I remind you to watch out for mold on bread and cheese.

I might have also shared my favorite housekeeping tip. If you see unexpected company pulling into the driveway – or if you have expected company headed your way – and you spot a tower of clutter in a room that will be viewed, simply scoop up that clutter and deposit it in a closet. Problem solved.

Here are a few more:

  • If you wash your clothes in cold water, you can wash all colors together, saving on detergent and water and electricity. I’m not sure who shared this life-changing nugget with me, but I hope I bought him or her a box of chocolates. As my family members frequently complain about sorting clothes and separating them by color, I doubt if the advice came from any of them. A note of caution: On occasion, a brightly colored article will bleed onto other articles, so be safe.
  • Speaking of washing…I have recently started tossing scrub sponges and Mr. Clean Magic Erasers into the wash. Although I haven’t conducted a scientific experiment, it appears that the cleaning supplies can only be washed once. Indeed, they fall apart after the second washing. But tossing them into the washer after one use instead of tossing them into the trash doubles their life expectancies.
  • Speaking of Magic Erasers…due to the COVID, I started dying my own hair. Although my technique has improved, I still get hair dye on my skin. Sometimes, I just let it go because it will eventually fade. But if I’m going to be around humans, I don’t want to be seen with dyed skin. After one dye job, I said to myself, “Self, I wonder if that Magic Eraser will bring this glob of hair dye off your forehead?” The good news is that it did. The bad news is that it also brought the skin off my head. So, this tip is don’t apply a Magic Eraser to your skin.

This post originally appeared in the Appalachian News-Express.