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Maggie Morgan is somebody you want to meet. She’s intelligent, witty, down-to-earth, and fun. Maggie, the producer and editor of the lifestyle section of her town’s local newspaper turned investigative reporter, is also a woman on a mission who will allow nothing to stand in her way as she works to see justice served. So, where can you find Maggie Morgan? In the fictional neck of the woods known as Sugar Creek in Eastern Kentucky, Maggie works to clear the name of her brother’s childhood friend Kevin who is a druggie and the number one suspect in the murder of Mac Honaker.

Murder on Sugar Creek is the first mystery book published by Eastern Kentucky’s own Michelle Goff, resident of Pike County, Kentucky, which is as far east as you can go and not leave the Bluegrass State. All of you who know me know I’m an avid reader, and…

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